14 Top Items To Get You Through The 2nd 6 Months Of Being A Twin Parent

I apologise for the delay in publishing this second blog post in my series of key items I have found particularly useful on a 6 monthly basis since my twins were born. My boys are coming up to 18 months at the beginning of June but here is my list of items which I found most useful in their 2nd 6 months… I hope you find this useful too, whether you’re a twin parent or not…

There’s definitely a couple of key themes for this age group, safe places and clean eating, or at least attempted clean eating ;)…

  1. Bumbos – These are fab little seats and my boys are only now getting too big for them, we started using them once the boys were too big for their bouncy chairs and had already mastered sitting up on their own, we keep them in the nursery, for milk time but also use them to feed breakfast. They also are great if I’m bathing the boys on my own as I can safely do so, as have a safe place where one will stay in the bathroom whilst move to and from the nursery and in and out of the bath. 
  2. IKEA highchairs & Insert – These are one my favourite purchases, so easy to use, such a great design, such good value, because they are solid plastic they’re really easy to keep clean. The legs come off and the bases stack if you need to store away or transport them. The inserts are great too, they’re inflatable so easy to take with you and perfect when your littles are too little for the seats.
  3. Mamas & Papas Baby Snug – I got these originally as I wanted bumbo type seats downstairs as well as upstairs, I managed to source these on my local Facebook twin selling page, but they are actually really great and are a bit bigger than the bumbos and have good trays too, all of these things mean that they are more adaptable and have more longevity than the branded bumbos
  4. Bath Seats – We ummed and ahhed about twin bath seat solutions, and did almost go for the Twin Aquapod from Mothercare, but then I was actually offered two of these ones for free from my local twin club and so happily went ahead and I have to say these are absolutely fab, easy to use and store (which I reckon would have been a problem with the Twin Aquapod) and have a nice spinning ball on the front for entertainment. As I say now almost 18 months in and still using these at every and they’re cheap and cheerful too (even if you do buy them new) – all round a great and recommended solution to bath-time in the main bath with twins.
  5. Spacesaver Jumperoo – Until the boys were one these things were a Godsend! We did start off with a full size jumperoo and a door bouncer when the boys were really little but then the door bouncer had serious safety concerns as the boys starting to try swinging in it and we had no space for 2 full size jumperoos and it wasn’t fair to only have one entertainment station and two kids, then I was introduced to these fantastic spacesaver versions (good shout Fisher-Price). They do everything you need them to, have lots of music and flashing lights and a great sensory panel across the front to play with, but as they say on the tin, their primary usage is for bouncing! Which my goodness our boys just loved, almost, everything time they went in them they went mad, bouncing bouncing, building core and leg strength and clearly having a whale of a time! These were also a fabulous solution for getting the boys in and out of the car without too much trauma, or at least knowing they were in a safe place even if having a melt down whilst you were taking one at a time in and out of the car, so highly recommended all round (N.B. pretty easy to source second-hand for around £20 and I was able to sell them on at the same price again once we were done 🙂 )
  6. Nuna Travel Cot – This was one of our few luxury items which we have bought new for the boys and the video below kinda explains why…everyone I knew who had ever talked about putting up a travel cot had always explained that it required “a bit of a nack” – I concluded, that if we travel anywhere for an overnight stay, near or far with twins “a bit of a nack” is honestly the very last thing we will be looking for on arrival – I give you the Nuna Sena – the travel cot without a “bit of a nack”. It’s literally the easiest thing to set up and has a fab insert for when your baby is little but when you remove that this will last your baby up to 3 yrs old. It also works as a really great playpen to begin with and we filled ours with some ball pit balls which are super cheap and cheerful and instantly turns your travel cot into your own ball pit – great fun! As the boys are looked after by both sets of grandparents weekly we now store one of the cots at each of their house for nap times, and eventually overnighter, which is a great solution to them not having to buy an additional cot each and means they get regularly use rather than sitting unused now we have a full size playpen. I really would highly recommend this product.
  7. BabyDan Playpen – bought second-hand, sturdy and excellent heavy-duty, metal playpen – enough said really – opens with a stairgate gate, very happy with this and would recommend.
  8. Vtech Toot Toot Cars – cute (not too annoying ;)) songs, big buttons which the boys love and cute designs.
  9. Overall Bibs – essential for self feeding, these are just the cheapest ones I could source and I have been very happy with them.
  10. Growbags – essential for bedtime, relatively easy to source second-hand too, but features I would recommend looking for, as not all have them and they make them much easier to use, especially with wiggly babies 1) poppers on the shoulders & 2) zip fastening
  11. Vital Baby Unbelievabowls  – again very handy for self feeding and they stick more often than they don’t – I don’t think any of these things are perfect but these are definitely worth a purchase and this set, linked comes with comes with spoons and lids both of which are good quality and FYI one of these bowls with the lid on is the perfect size to store a bagel for a packed lunch – happy coincidence 🙂
  12. Lindam Stair Gate – We were donated our first one, which is on the living room door but we have today installed an additional bought one at the top of the stairs ready for the boys who are now on the brink of walking.
  13. Pelican Bibs – handy for feeding anything less messy like sandwiches and finger food.
  14. Munchkin Straw Cups – as stated in my changing bag post, I stumbled across these cups a bit by accident, but they are by far the best transitional cups I have found when you are ready to phase out milk bottles and the boys use them now for all their water and their milk.





  1. 19th June 2018 / 10:51 am

    We loved our Bumbo! We took it with us on holidays, other people’s houses etc.

    • 19th June 2018 / 11:36 pm

      They’re so handy for that 😊

  2. Rachel
    19th June 2018 / 9:36 pm

    My twins are two now, I completely agree with lots of these must haves! We couldn’t live without our ikea highchairs, loved our bath seats and still use our overall bibs! Fab post xx

    • 19th June 2018 / 11:35 pm

      Thank you 😊, nice there’s a lot of cross over in the things we love. 😊

  3. 19th June 2018 / 10:30 pm

    My little boy is 4 months old and I was thinking about getting a bumbo to have at my parents’ house for when we visit but the M&P’s Baby Snug looks much better. Is that the better one to go for do you think? xx

    • 19th June 2018 / 11:32 pm

      I would say it is more of a long term investment and gives you a lot more overall. Also well worth trying to pick up on facebook selling, they often resell at a good price. I got both mine together for £25. You can take the inserts out when they get bigger too. X

      • 19th June 2018 / 11:34 pm

        I would say with both you want your baby to be sitting on their own before using though. 😊 Bouncy chairs are an all round winner until then xx