So they call me Jam Jar Gill…


JamJarGill: Our house and front garden
Our house and front garden


I’m Gill (also known as Jam Jar Gill), I live in a 1950s ex-council project house in the beautiful Bedfordshire countryside with my husband, Adam, four-year-old twin boys, Tiberius & Cody and lovable, if slightly neurotic, cat Akita.

When planning our wedding in 2012/13 I ended up with a bit of a nickname at work, started by my lovely friend Kendra, who found it so amusing how many jam jars I had and how many different things I used them for! I could list you hundreds of uses here, but just for sake of example here’s a few: bringing my salad to work every day, paper clips, tea bags, sugar, fruit, jam, candles…etc etc… I then ended up with a bit of a jam jar theme at my wedding too, as this is how I displayed all my flowers and candles and they also featured pretty heavily in all my stationery design too and Jam Jar Gill (#jamjargill) was born J and I will be forever known as that to that very lovely group of people, I worked with at BSI.

Jam Jars of flowers at our wedding

I’ve been building my blogging/influencer brand for around 10 years, however throughout 2019 I started to find my niche as I made the conscious decision to start working with brands which inspired me, which were doing good in the world, trying to be natural, environmentally friendly and holistic in their whole approach. This subject has always been close to my heart but as I came out of the haze of having newborn twins and into the reality of young family life, along with my own journey through insomnia and anxiety since having the boys, it became central to how I wanted to live my life and therefore it was natural to specialise in my lifestyle brand too.

My blog is my little piece of the Internet where I write about all the things which I love, from cooking foodie food, to interior design, parenting and cat parenting, along with mental health and wellbeing. The premise for me is to share with you all the things in life which I love and which have helped me on my own journey in the hope that it will be relatable and interesting and inspiring to you too. I love to support local businesses and eco/green businesses who openly support sustainability and the green economy, I am personally a big believer in our vote our wallets being just as powerful (if not more powerful) than our political vote, so I always try to support companies which I believe have these ethics too and am always looking for collaborative opportunities with such companies and individuals alike.

I always like to mention to people that I’m an official Meatless Monday blogger, something which I am really proud to be and I am huge advocate of the movement, along with the belief that making a change to our environmental impact isn’t about a handful of people making complete 360 lifestyle changes to zero waste veganism (though there is nothing wrong with that) it is about millions of people all doing a little bit, every day, and when time and finances allow, a little really does go a long way as you can see in the video below:  

If you’re thrifty and resourceful, and both community and environmentally minded, I think you’re really going to enjoy my blog.

Want to work with me? Please click HERE or drop me a line at and I can send you my media kit.

Finally at the end of last year I decided to launch as a VA to use all the skill which I have learnt in 10+ years of building my own brand along with 15+ years of working in communications/client services/marketing to help others build their brands/small businesses too, if you want to find out more please check out my JJG VA Services page and do drop me a line with any enquires to


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    4 July 2019 at 11:08 am

    Im sooo PROUD of you. You look stunning and those babies (…too cute).
    Hope we can meet up soon
    P.s. have signed up and subscribed with both my personal and uni emails xxx.
    Love always

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      4 July 2019 at 11:42 am

      Thank you so much beautiful lady. I’m so proud of you too and all you do. Look forward to meeting up soon. Lots of love ❤️

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