Canary Islands: The Allure Of Tenerife

There are a few parts of Spain that are known all around the world but especially loved by retirees from the UK. Who doesn’t love a sun-kissed island that has beaches as far as the eye can see and a cool breeze in the afternoon? One of the seven, Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and has a staggering 900,000 population. Situated far to the southwest of Spain, this island has a climate that is a little hotter than of the Mediterranean. Sitting over to the east is the Western Sahara. It’s quite clearly an island resort with plenty of water activities and creative leisure experiences. It’s a playful island with many festivals being celebrated and colorful costumes and exterior decor all over the island. There are more swimming pools than you would care to count, as the encouragement to relax and enjoy the slow-paced lifestyle is abundant. The local people are friendly and the tourism sector thrives because many retirees come to experience this paradise frequently. If you are a mature holiday-goer, then you have much support here.



Taking time to observe

Like many islands that are not overrun by light pollution, there is an observatory on Tenerife that you should take the opportunity to experience. The Teide Observatory is on the eastern side of the island and just outside the city of San Cristóbal de La Laguna. Sitting right on top of Mount Teide the elevation of the observatory is 2,390 meters. Opened in 1964, it’s continually added to the human curiosity of outer space. With its solar telescope, nocturnal and radio telescopes, it’s done many tests for new equipment and various observations of the weather changes for the Mediterranean climate. Recently the scientists at the observatory have been testing laser systems. Working with the European Space Agency and many other organizations, the observatory has added much in the research of climate change.

Getting around with ease

As you will see when you arrive on the island, it’s very friendly to older people and takes care of their needs. One such company that provides mobility scooters is Orange Badge. Here you may hire a scooter out for the duration of your stay so you have the independence and freedom to go wherever you please. Using modern scooters, they provide plenty of torque so you may climb up slightly steep gradients and also absorb the bumps in any of the rocky paths that lead up to the beaches and hills.



Sweet and meaty

One of the best places to eat is the restaurant Casa Tagoro. Here you’ll find a modern take on Mediterranean cuisine with plenty of sweet fruits and vegetables plated alongside succulent grilled meats. Try the roast pork shoulder with sweet beet sauce and an exotic vegetable pickle mix. There’s also a bar situated inside so feel free to have a few cold ones while you wait for your main course.


The largest of the seven Canary Islands, there’s plenty to see and do in Tenerife. Don’t be doubtful if you are a retiree, there’s plenty in the way of support and help so you can fully enjoy your stay.