Inexpensive Ways To Give Your Home A Makeover

If only you had all the money in the world! You could do what you wanted with your home, transforming your drab interior into something new, exciting, and a lot more stylish. If only!

However, if you, like many of us, are living on a limited budget, and just don’t have the spare cash to fritter away on your home, then you may understandably feel a little grieved! You may be tempted to take out a bank loan to fulfil your home makeover dreams, or you may resign yourself to what you have, letting those ‘if only’ thoughts circulate through your mind. But worry not. There are inexpensive ways to give your home a makeover, so check out our suggestions below.

Concentrate on one area. You may not have the budget to makeover your entire home, but if you have the money to do what you want with one room – check out our budget kitchen ideas – then work your way around your home slowly. Alternatively, pick an area in each room that is a focal point. It might be around the TV in the living room or your bed in the bedroom, as examples. These are the areas where attention will be drawn, so focus on decorating these areas, rather than the entirety of a room.

Update existing furniture. Buying new furniture can be expensive, but to cut costs, do something with your current pieces. You might reupholster your sofa, for example, changing the fabric to suit the colour scheme you are going for in your room. Or you might repurpose existing pieces of furniture, perhaps using the ideas here to completely transform your old or worn accessories. Whatever you do, pick a theme in both design and colour, and update your furniture to match.

Add a new rug. Paying for wall-to-wall carpeting is going to be expensive, but you can always add rugs to inexpensively give your floor space a new lease of life. You might also add a coloured and textured rug to blank areas of your wallspace. Choose the colours and designs that match the rest of your room’s aesthetic, and you will instantly add further visual appeal to your living space.

Shop around. There are sales happening all the time, so bookmark top furniture websites such as Tap Warehouse, and keep an eye on what is going on in your high street. Stores, both on and offline are competing with each other to secure your business, so take advantage of their special offers. When you’re shopping around, don’t rule out charity stores. You never know what you might pick up, especially if you visit stores in more affluent places of your town. And visit flea markets. You can often pick up handicraft and ethnic pieces that are beautifully designed, and luckily for you, at an incredibly cheap price.

Add the personal touch. Decorate your room with things you have made yourself, be that a piece of artwork or a wooden sculpture. Frame family photos and stick them on the walls. Get to work with a tin of paint, and add colour to your shelvings, or create your own personal designs on blank areas of your wall. Adding personal items, and giving drab areas of your home a decorative touch up, can inexpensively give your home a fresh look and feel.

Giving your home a makeover doesn’t have to be expensive, so use our ideas, and use your own imagination when you’re considering how best to transform a room. Let us know too if you have any ideas of your own.

Good luck with your makeover, whatever your budget!