KITCHEN: Utensil Jars (IKEA hack)

So this IKEA hack came about by accident,  due to them not really having anything in the kitchen department which worked,  but the solution I’ve found has worked really well so will I thought it was worth sharing.  I love the idea of having my cooking utensils and accessible and categorised too but the Utensil Jars you generally buy are just too small,  and specifically go in at the neck,  which I never really understand.  As I’m going through all my possessions, as I’m unpacking the storage boxes back into the new kitchen, I figured now is as good a time as any to sort these things out.  So I was in IKEA yesterday and found some indoor planters which I thought would do the job perfectly.  I’m so pleased with the results (see below gallery),  the price is hard to beat too at £2.20 each. That’s another bit of kitchen storage sorted.  I’ve kept the largest (and favourite) of my original Utensil Jars (my blank Le Creuset one) for my smallest collection,  which is my Plastic items.  I think they look really smart together 🙂 💗