Let This One Thing Rule Your Wedding Day


From a very young age, many girls dream of that one important day in their life. The wedding day! Conjuring up images of what that day might look like, they set their hearts and minds on this special moment in their lives. They think about the dress and what it might look like. They think about the setting and probable fairytale landscapes. They think about the important people celebrating this day with them. They think about all of these things and more, painting a mental picture of a day that will provoke memories forever.


And who knows? Perhaps they will have that perfect wedding day. And if you’re getting married soon, you may have everything you ever wanted. But then again, you may be faced with reality. You may realise that you can’t afford everything on your itinerary. From your wedding dress to the wedding venue, you may have to make compromises. And then there are all the wedding day stresses. The planning will take its toll on you, as will the day itself. You had dreams of a  perfect wedding day, but you may find the day itself falls short. Unless, that is, you focus on one crucial thing.


You see, there is one thing more important than your bridal gown. There is one thing that holds precedence over the venue. You should let this one thing matter more to you than all of the wedding day details and expenses. In your bid to get everything just right, from the wedding invitations to the size of the cake, you must not forget…



Let love rule your wedding day, above all other things. This is the reason why you’re getting married in the first place and is more important than anything else that goes into a wedding. Nothing else matters. Taking a cue from the Bible (1 Corinthians 13), remember love is about patience. When people threaten to test your nerves on your special day, patience will get you through. Love is about kindness, treating others with love, from the people who are lending you a hand to the guests you have invited. Love is not envious, even if your wedding day doesn’t hold a candle to the Royal Wedding. Be thankful for all of the things God has blessed you with on this, your wedding day, with gratitude for what you do have.




It’s the love you have for your guests, and being thankful to them for their support.  It’s the love you have for yourself, no matter how imperfect you think you are. It’s the love you have for the person you are going to marry, as this is the first day of the rest of your married life together.




On your wedding day, love is all that matters, above and beyond any other detail. Without love, your wedding day is just another excuse for a party. But with love, the day will hold special meaning for you, and everybody who shares the day with you.


Let love rule your wedding day!