Meatless Monday {2019 – week 15}

JamJarGill: Meatless Monday {2019 - week 15}


So here we are: 2019 week 15 of Meatless Monday

Here’s what I wore:


Cardigan: River Island (thrifted), Long Sleeved Top: New Look, Floral Skirt: French Connection (thrifted), Tights: Supermarket, Boots: John Lewis Partners


Stripe and Green Long Sleeve Tops: John Lewis Partners (thrifted from Barnardos in Ampthill), Yellow Chinos (my favourites): Debenhams (similar) (thrifted from Facebook Selling), Blue Trousers: GAP: Thrifted , Boots: F&F at Tescos

What’s in my ears:
JamJarGill: Meatless Monday {2019 - week 13}





I went back to one of my favourite podcasts this week, Rise Together from the Hollis Co. is such an insightful, honest, interesting and thought providing dig into married life and in Rachel & Dave Hollis’ own words tells you how they get through “all the stuff” which crops up in married life with a young family. If you are yet to give this one a go I can highly recommend it. 

And if you are wondering which episode to try, here is the one I listened to this week, which really got me thinking, about how to deal with other people’s opinions 🙂


Here’s my week in 4:
  1. I had been in touch with the team to ask them about when they might be bringing the rise conference or cinema documentary to the UK as I was interested in the opportunity to go to both, I got a response back at the perfect time, I think the kids where in bed and I was just ready for a bubble bath, 🙂 And I saw that the documentary was now available on and included with Amazon Prime – whoop! I really recommend giving this one a watch, I was in tears by the end, so amazingly inspiring to women, everywhere!
  2. We’ve really got into taking the boys for walks every weekend and its turning in to such a good habit, buggy free and is really building up their (and our stamina) prior to taking to the Lake District this summer. This time we met up with one of my best friends and her little girl and my sister and her little girl, it was just so lovely to see how well the kids got on and enjoyed the adventure of going to the woods. These are memories to treasure forever. 
  3. This was a quote mentioned in the podcast I shared above, but it really is so true, you cannot please everyone, not matter how hard you hustle so the best thing you can do is put your passion into whatever makes you happy and go from there.
  4. This was the pre-yoga dinner which I found and now love for Wednesday nights, Polish Bakery Pumpkin Sourdough Bread toasted and buttered hot with a can of Baxters Carrot and Coriander Soup. Not too heavy, nice and quick to both make and eat – happy times.  
Right onto food…


I made a special trip to Tescos to get some more this overly Polish Bakery Sourdough bread, as unfortunately Morrison have discontinued it, it really is yummy and different and feels healthier than normal bread, during and after. I had my lemon, honey and ginger and this pumpkin sourdough bread with butter and blackcurrant jam straight after my morning yoga and then look a cup of tea to work with me to drink en route.  


I had hummus, pitta, peppers and carrots along with grapes, clementines and apple and cheese curl crisps and a tunnocks bar throughout the day. (carrots, grapes and pepper all from Morrisons Wonky Veg range, which I say time and time again, if you follow me, but I wish this would be a range at every supermarket as standard. It really is a way to get cheaper, generally in season fruit and veg and help the farmer too. 


I tried another new recipe this week: Cheese & Marmite pasties, I adapted it from this recipe using a few substitutions, namely:

  • Left-over Roast potatoes rather than grated raw potatoes
  • The addition of some capers and sundried tomatoes
  • Matzo Meal instead of breadcrumbs

Overall it was pretty tasty but a bit too much of a faff to try again. 

I had my favourite dark chocolate and raspberry ice-cream for dessert.

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