Meatless Monday {2019 – week 17}

JamJarGill: Meatless Monday {2019 - week 17}

So here we are: 2019 week 17 of Meatless Monday… 

Here’s what I wore:

Cardigan: Zara (purchased on Vinted), Dress: Pretty Kitty Fashion, Belt: Vintage (from my Mum🙂), Tights: Supermarket, Watch: Lintelek, Shoes: Clarks

What’s in my ears:

I found out about Jen Hatmaker through the Hollis Co, once again, some of her stuff I find a bit religious, but I generally love the messaging behind what she is saying and I went back to her podcast this week “for the love”, which she has broken down into mini series under different themes, which I think is a really nice format. The first of which “for the love of friends” I really enjoyed as she interviewed all sorts of real life friends and discussed how important each relationship is in her life. This episode, linked above, is the first in the next mini series entitled for the “love of Moxie” which references her recently published book Of Mess and Moxie. Anyway I really enjoyed this episode so thought I would share so you guys could give it a go too 🙂

Here’s my week in 4:

JamJarGill: Meatless Monday {2019 - week 17}

  1. We have fairly recently found an excellent free, local and good timed (11.15am 😁) Library storytime in Woburn Sands near us. We try to go every Tuesday we can, there is 2-3 stories, along with songs and musical instruments and a colouring station to do after before usually a nice potter round the charity shops on high street and/or a visit to the local playpark, it is just perfect for our Tuesday together 🙂❤ 
  2. Our front garden is just getting better and better at the moment, I will get round to doing a blog post to update you on it all soon, but in the meantime I wanted to share a photo of my Californian Poppies which I took this week as they just are so so stunning and self-seed and come back bigger every year. These just seem to love this spot at the front of the house, that seems to be the key successful gardening, finding the sweet spot for each given plant where they absolutely thrive, it really is such a delight when you do 🌼
  3. The boys speech is just improving every day at the moment, they come out with so many funny things! – but another lovely thing they’re really getting into is singing back the songs which we have been singing them since they were born. I’m just loving the interaction you get from them at this age (coming up 2 and a half), it really is the sweetest thing.
  4. Massive transition this weekend as we went up to BIG BOY BEDS! I will do a proper blog post all about it (hopefully this week) but it’s definitely at the top of our newsreel this week!
Right onto food…


Crunchy Nut Cornflakes with fresh strawberries and raspberries and organic semi skimmed milk along with a cup of fresh lemon, honey and ginger followed by a cup of my favourite tea to take into the office with me. 


JamJarGill: Meatless Monday {2019 - week 17}I had leftover brie and tomato pasta from last week, along with a jam jar of salad and some Snack-a-jacks, a Tunnocks Caramel Bar, an apple, a clementine and some grapes to snack on throughout the day.


Another week, another attempted new veggie recipe, this time the Pioneer Woman (who I love on the Food Network)’s Sherried Tomato Soup which was tasty but a bit too strong in flavour to try again for me, but still, another new recipe under my belt, onwards and upwards in my culinary journey, recipe linked in this text for anyone who fancies giving it a go themselves. The boys tried some, but decided to give them beans instead in the end :).


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(for those interested in the items about: gold charger plate =  Wilkos, bowl = Tescos Home ,side plate = Sophie Conran Portmeirion)

Right that me done, What’s your week been like? I’d love to hear. 


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