Meatless Monday {2019 – week 18}

So here we are: 2019 week 18 of Meatless Monday… 

Here’s what I wore:

JamJarGill: Meatless Monday {2019 - week 18}

Cardigan: A vintage shop in Northampton which unfortunately has now closed but was called “The World’s Most Marvelous Place to Shop” – love that 🙂, Jeans: Gap (2nd hand on eBay), Belt: Vintage, Long Sleeve Top: New Look

What’s in my ears:

JamJarGill: Meatless Monday {2019 - week 18}


This wonderful Audio Book has been in my ears for a second list this week. It really is a book which calms you so much and gives you piece after piece of life advice from the Queen who is Oprah Winfrey. 

Here’s my week in 4:
    1. It has been quite an eventful week this week with all the outings and the bank holiday. On Monday we did meet up with my lovely Anna for lunch and a trip to a wonderful local house and woodland and playground called Moggerhanger, it really is a lovely little state and not at all that far away, it has a lovely playpark, and cafe and beautiful and child friendly woodland walk to try out and its free entry! Really is a little hidden gem well worth knowing about:

2. On Tuesday we had a simple playdate at home with just 2 very close and dear and kindred Mummy friends, who brought their babies over to meet the boy the first time, the boys were smitten, so lovely and gentle, it was so lovely to see. 

3. I went out for a very overdue catch and cinema with my bookclub girls – the film was fun the meal was delicious as was the company – very much needed me time 🙂

4. We came down this weekend to our dear friends house in West Sussex, which really is a little corner of heaven and it’s so lovely to try and visit them all together annually here at least. Always feels like a proper little holiday into the good life :). Highlight for the boys of course was having a ride on James’ tractor!

Right onto food…


It was Bank Holiday Monday so I spend the day with the boys and my dear friend. We all had lemon and raisin pancakes and grapes for breakfast, this is one of our favourites for sure 🙂 and I had a cup of my favourite tea with milk and honey


My dear friend Anna joined us for lunch and an afternoon at Moggerhanger, so her and I had a nice meze lunch of pitta, hummus, sugar-snap peas, pepper and carrots and the boys had cheese and marmite bagels with banana and blueberries. I then had a caramel bar and some pom bears to snack on throughout the day.


I just put together some creamy veggie pesto pasta, very simple recipe below:


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Find out how I got onto Meatless Mondays in the first place by watching this video:

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JamJarGill: Meatless Monday {2019 - week 18}

{for those interested in the items about: gold charger plate =  Wilkos, bowl = Tescos Home ,side plate = Sophie Conran Portmeirion}

Right that me done, What’s your week been like? I’d love to hear. 


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