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Here is a page dedicated to my Podcast – I’m very new to this space but loving it as a platform to have interesting, educational and informative conversations with some pretty amazing people.

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S01 E05: How online communities can work for you to build your brand organically JamJarGill Podcast

This episode is the audio from a collaboration I did with Unitoshine at the beginning of the year. It was my first-ever Instagram Live and I used the time to talk through what I had learnt about building a community around your business and brand on Instagram to date, I hope you find this a useful episode and it helps your brand too 🙂 We covered so much but in a nutshell, this is what you can learn from our chat:   👉 How to find your niche before starting your business  👉 How to find these online communities  👉 What is an Instagram meet up and how do you join and run them 👉 How to build your brand organically through these communities You can find the video of this episode here  Software tips: Swiftkey Keyboard Canva
  1. S01 E05: How online communities can work for you to build your brand organically
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