So they call me Jam Jar Gill…

Work with Me

The one thing I love in my working life more than my jam jars is the opportunity to meet, work with and learn from other passionate creative people.

Could you be one of those people?

Let’s get the formalities out of the way, first, shall we?

I’m linked up to several affiliate programmes, but I only ever work with brands which I use myself and would be happy for my own friends and family to use, too. For this to happen, I need to have been happy not only with the product, but with the customer service I’ve received, and the ethical and social values of the brand in question.

All my foodie links generally go back to the lovely people at Waitrose, as I am an affiliate partner. Having said that, I am always happy to link up with other brands, so please contact me at if you are interested.

The general gist of any affiliate programs is that if you follow the link through from my site and then make a purchase, I get will get a small percentage back.

All okay so far? Let’s continue!

I’m really keen to increase my collaborations with other bloggers and businesses alike, because I believe this is a great way to build brand values and share with the world all the great ideas we have. However, we’re all in this to do business, and so I really want to take opportunities to monetise my blog going forward.

This page exists to show any potential collaborators how this could all work.

My social media following is very important to me, and it could be to you, too. Click on each of the icons below to see what kinds of things I’m sharing on there, and to see for yourself how many followers I’m reaching each time – and with what levels of engagement.

Want to feature on my blog or any of my social media platforms or seek my mentorship? Here’s how it works. I’ve split this option into three categories for you to choose from.

Guest/Affiliate/Collaborative Posts

For anyone wishing to feature as part of the Jam Jar Gill brand with a guest/affiliate or collaborative post, I charge a flat fee (please contact me via to get my media kit and arrange). This is payable via PayPal/ Bank Transfer once we have agreed to work together and I have sent you an invoice prior to the post going live. We’ll chat through any guidelines before you submit.

Product Testing/ Review Posts

As states above, I wholeheartedly agree with soft approach to marketing and selling and as such I only like to feature products which I would actually choose to use in my life and which I would happily recommend to friends. As my brand has developed I am now specialising in Eco & Wellness products, this is for our home, for our kids, our cat or myself. My goal is to contribute to these products becoming the norm and available to all rather than only a luxury/ premium choice as they currently, sadly, often are. To make it easy for you to see what I am interested in testing please find a list below:

  • Garden: Furniture/ Plants/ Play Equipment (appropriate for 3yr +)/ Garden Equipment/ Fencing/ Pots and Planters
  • Household: Eco cleaning products/ decor/ soft furnishing/ eco furniture/ towels/linen
  • Kids: Play equipment/ Toys/ cooking/dining/ furniture (ideally all with an eco and/or wellbeing and/or educational slant) x 2 and appropriate for 3yrs+
  • Cat Products: Cat toys
  • Fashion: For myself/ my husband or the kids with an eco slant
  • Beauty: For myself with an eco slant
  • Wellness: Self-development conferences/ books/ yoga or mediation equipment or clothing/ essential oils/ alternative therapy for insomnia or anxiety/ massages/ facials/ other holistic treatments
  • Foodie Food: Organic/ Vegetarian/ Local/ Free Range/ Fair Trade (I am aware that it is rare to get all these in one, but I would like to promote them all so would be happy as long as either food I cook or eat out or deliver in falls into at least one of these categories)
  • Holidays: Family breaks/ Girls holidays/ Romantic breaks for 2, in the UK or abroad with the cost of accommodation covered, happy to promote AirBnB/ B&Bs/ Holiday Rentals/ Hotels/ Spa Days and Glamping

I charge per platform (payable via PayPal/ Bank Transfer once we have agreed to work together and I have sent you through an invoice prior to the post going live) (Instagram/Blog/YouTube) in addition to being sent through the product which I am testing free of charge to write/create a full promotion on these products, this way you can mix and match depending on where you would like to be featured or you can do all three platforms to get full exposure to my tribe (they’re a lovely lot). 

Please note that if for any reason there are negatives associated with your product (I don’t like the design, I find it tricky to use or messy to maintain) I will always be constructive in my feedback so that you can make the best use of the review to develop your product.

Want to go ahead and get you or your brand featured on Jam Jar Gill? Contact me at to get a copy of my Media Kit and to arrange.

Want to learn how I do what I do?

I have now been blogging for just over a decade and it has been a steep learning curve along the way, and every day I am learning more and more. I am more than happy to pass on the knowledge which I have learnt to date by setting up a zoom call with you to discuss and share how I do things in hope that it will help you with your brand too. I am offering this at a set fee of £30 for 30mins (payable via PayPal/ Bank Transfer once we have agreed to work together and I have sent you through an invoice prior to our zoom call). Please do drop me a line at if you would like more details of this service or would like to set up a call.

Interested in collaborating with me in a different way to those stated? You’ve seen all the uses I can make for jam jars, so clearly, I’m an ‘open to ideas’ kind of person!

Contact me at and let’s have a conversation or book a chat with me using the link below: