Work with Me

I am really keen to increase my collaborations with other bloggers and businesses alike and to monetize my blog going forward too so I thought I would use this page to propose several offers and my rates card along with details of my social media and blog followers for info.

Please do get in touch by email to, if you are interested in collaborating, in one of the ways listed below or an alternative way too I am always up for discussions….

Please find below my current list of Social Media Stats along with links to where to follow me:


Facebook – 469 followers


Instagram – 927 followers


LinkedIn – 500+ connections


Pinterest – 2134 followers

Email Subscriptions – 982


Twitter – 489 followers


bloglovin’ – 38 followers


PA & DA Scores



Rates Card:

I’ve decided to simplify this into two categories:


Guest/Affiliate/Collaborative Post

For this I am currently charging a flat fee of £30.00 per post, payable via PayPal as soon as the post has been published (please note that if I don’t receive your payment in one working day then your post will be taken down).

Product Testing Post

I am happy to test baby/kids items (suitable for 2 years +) 2 at a time so that I have one per twin, cat items, gardening/DIY items, beauty items, cooking items. I will not charge for the post but will retain the product tested as payment


With both of these, I will do one post which I will share on all my social media channels and also on the front page of my blog. Please contact me at for more information and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Look forward to hearing from you. 

Brands I’ve worked with to date: