Bringing The Restaurant Flavour Home With You

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

If you’re a bit of a foodie, then there’s a good chance you’ve dined out at all the restaurants and cafes in your hometown, you know when and where the good food festivals take place, you like to stick the cooking channel on and critique the methods every now and then, and all in all, you loved some home cooked food with a bit of flourish. But are you good at cooking up these kinds of meals yourself?


Everyone likes food. Everyone likes eating food. Not everyone likes preparing food and waiting for it to cook before they can dig in… However, when you’ve got an excellent dish just waiting to be served on the table, it’ll all be worth it. And that’s why you should try and bring some of that professional restaurant flavor home with you! So here’s a few ideas, and some recipes, to make sure you’re always cooking up a storm in your very own home kitchen.


Preparing food properly takes a bit of time and effort, but you’re capable of it! (Source)


First, Know What to Keep in Your Cupboards


Your kitchen cupboards are your secret weapon in the recipe world, as inside of them should be a whole world of spice and flavor just waiting to be unlocked. And the better you’ve stocked them up accordingly, the better your meals are going to taste by the time you’re plating them up and sending them out to the table.


Hopefully you’ve already got a spice rack, on which some bottles are full and some are half empty. But now’s the time to make sure you’re packing this rack out with the real super spices of the food world:


  • You’re going to want some Black Peppercorns on hand, pre ground so you can mash them up yourself.
  • Even if you’re not a fan of heat in food, you’re going to want Cayenne Pepper on hand at all times, just to make sure you’ve got a good thickening agent that’s really going to bring out the flavor in vegetable based dishes.
  • A bit of Cinnamon never hurt anyone, seeing as it can be used in both sweet and spicy meals to add another pinch of flavor
  • You’re also going to want to be liberal with Garlic Powder, as it’s a lot cheaper to buy and use than fresh Garlic, and can be added to all kinds of dishes to give a sharper or alternative flavor than what’s on offer.


Spice Up Your Sandwich Selections


The sandwiches you eat are probably getting a little boring round about now, seeing as it feels like you’ve been eating standard ham and cheese sandwiches since you were born! Now you want to try something different, and all the good looking sandwiches in the supermarket are either a little pricey or demand you get a meal deal alongside them. So you’re going to need to learn how to make a good sandwich all on your own.


Maybe you could do with a classic tuna salad sandwich recipe? It’s easy to make and packs a lot of flavor – you’ll feel just like an executive who’s popped out to their favorite gastro-pub to grab something nutritious for their late lunch! Maybe you’d like to start spicing up your usual plates a little more, with some ideas for adding a bit more flavor to condiments like mayonnaise? Or maybe you’d just like to look through this list of what’s meant to be the best sandwiches of all time, to see which ones you’d like to get the ingredients together for?


Get Creative with Your Cakes


The cakes you make are always going to taste good, as long as you haven’t mistaken salt for sugar. But you can always add a little more flourish to them: that coffee cake could do with a bit of chocolate mixed in, or that lemon drizzle cake could have a secret center. Either way, it’s time to step up your cake making skills.


After all, the better your dessert, the easier you’re going to find it to get through all the fruits and vegetables on your plate during the main meal! A quick look through a slideshow like this could strike a bit of inspiration, or maybe you should just start adding chocolate chips to the muffins you whip up on a weekly basis?


You deserve to have some restaurant worthy meals to dig into when you’re at home. Just make sure you know how to put something tasty together!