3 Things to Remember When You’re Pregnant

Preparing for the arrival of your child, whether it’s the first one or the third one, is always a big deal. With so much on your mind, it can be hard to remember everything you need to do, though – or at least everything you should try to do before your baby is born.


Here is a quick checklist of what you should remember before that trip to the hospital so that you have time to go through it in advance. Ask your friend or your partner to help you out with preparing things, and you should be good to go.


#1 Pack your bags


You really don’t want to rush around the house to hunt down every little thing you need in the last-minute. It’s not that much you need, in any way, so you might as well have that bag ready and feel a bit calmer about everything.


The main things to pack for yourself are toiletries, comfortable underwear you don’t really care about, and the things you need for your newborn.


One thing I packed in my bag which I am so grateful that I did was lavender oil, it was so lovely in hospital as it just helped my room smell less like a hospital which kept me so much calmer during my stay.


This includes an outfit to go home in, of course, as well as a blanket. You could be extra prepared and buy a buggy right away, by the way, such as the one you find here. That way, there’s very little you need to think about once you’re back home – and can focus on your baby instead.

JamJarGill: Meatless Monday {1 year 16 weeks}: Dinner

#2 Prepare some frozen meals


The days and weeks ahead of giving birth should be dedicated to making life easier for yourself when you’re back home. Making food, for example, is not going to be a priority the same way it used to. Do yourself a huge favor and prepare some meals in advance that you can freeze.


We’re talking all sorts of casserole meals, lasagna, chilis, and everything else that enjoys being frozen. Now you have dinner sorted out for the first couple of weeks when you’re back and can focus all your attention where it’s needed the most.


Don’t panic though if you don’t have time to cook everything from scratch, delegate, ask friends and family to contribute and treat yourself to some fancy ready meals – trust me I learnt from experience.  My lovely Mum kindly ordered me some in before my twins arrived and it really was the perfect gift for those early sleep deprived days where your world feels turned up-side-down and the last thing you want to work out is ‘What’s for dinner?’, and incredibly well-timed as well as the delivery arrived the day before my waters decided to break 2 weeks earlier than my planned c-section!


#3 Remember the memory book/box


Too many parents get wrapped up in just taking pictures to send off to their friends, and they forget completely about filling in that memory book. All of those little things are going to matter a lot one of these days, and it’s a good idea to have a memory book or box handy as soon as your baby is born. I used one of the beautiful hamper boxes which I received at my baby shower to collect some precious keepsakes, there really are some beautiful things you can add to this box on the market which you will treasure forever.


That way, you can fill in everything such as his or her weight and what hour of the day they were born since you already bought that memory book.


There is a lot to keep in mind before the big day so it’s a good idea to ask friends and family for help and advice, after all I am a strong believer that it takes a village to raise a child and that is right from the beginning. Use the resources you have available to you, join NCT or your local NHS prenatal group, talk to your midwife and your family and friends, you are not alone in this and the sooner you really get that the better 🙂