Meatless Monday {2019 – week 14}

JamJarGill: Meatless Monday {2019 - week 14}

So here we are: 2019 week 14 of Meatless Monday

Here’s what I wore:

Vest: Primark, Long Sleeve Top: Superdry (thrifted from Barnardo’s Shop Ampthill), Drape Cardigan: Phase Eight (thrifted from Barnardo’s Shop Ampthill), Scarf: T K Maxx, Trousers: Gap, Ankle Boots: Clarks

What’s in my ears:

This has been somewhat of a challenging week, which I will explain more below, but this playlist of “feel good tunes” which I have created on Spotify has, on several occasions throughout the week, given me just the boost I need to pick myself up and carry on. I share it in the hope that it will do the same for you. I find music so powerful and such an integral part of my life. You can also check out all my other Spotify playlists here.

Feel Good Music:


Here’s my week in 4:


  1. I bought my first ever fitness tracker and started using it at the beginning of the week, I bought it primarily to track my sleep, due to starting my sleep reduction plan this week (explained in point 3) but I have been so impressed by its other functionality as it was from an unknown brand and I went on the Amazon rating alone and cost under £30! It works with an app on my phone to track all activities throughout the day and heart rate and weight and movement and steps… as someone who has never tracked these things before I find it all really fascinating and would definitely recommend this product.
  2. This week we took a pretty rare trip with the boys to the supermarket (I usually do all of my food shopping online to be delivered, but there were a couple of things which weren’t stocked at morrisons, but I saw they were at Tescos so popped there on our way home from a playdate). I saw whilst I was in there that they had a basket in the fruit section with a sign saying free fruit for kids to make your shopping trip less stressful and I wanted to share this with you as I thought it was such a great idea and I do wish that it was standard across the board, but well done to Tescos for now on doing this! 🙂🙌
  3. This is the point which has taken over this week for this week I have started my CBT Sleep Reduction Plan through the

    I came across this website when I was researching cures for insomnia, which I have been suffering with regularly since October 2018 and medicated too.

    As with everything in our lives there are so many options these days that it can all get a bit overwhelming. But this one stood out as being natural and backed by university research and the NHS, all of which I liked. I asked my GP about it, and she hadn’t heard of it, but was happy to refer me once I requested, this took a few weeks but once it came through I started by documenting my sleep in their online journal.

    Then I got to the point where life was busy and the zopiclone I was taking to help me sleep was working, pretty much every night, and so I carried on as I was without going back and tackling this website, I also used my EAP provider (another thing which is often provided by a lot of workplaces but not spoken about enough – check with your workplace if you are in need of counselling or life support to see what is available, it is often both free and completely confidential to get some support) through work to get some free counselling sessions during this time, and frankly just felt like I had enough on my plate.

    After 6 weeks counselling my sessions came to a close. So I went to the mental health nurse at our doctors practice to see what other help was available. She gave me a leaflet on workshops available it the area and so I decided (as I really needed to start tackling the problem head on and stop ignoring it) to book a day of annual leave and go along to one of these local workshops.

    The day of the workshop, I put on my positive pants and went there with a notepad and an open mind. I had had a bad nights sleep the night before (I have found that my anxiety often gets the better of me in the night since this problem has developed and the idea of trying anything new or different like this means that my sleep is very much affected). It was nice that the workshop was actually running in the same town where my husband works, so I was able to meet him for lunch before it began, which definitely calmed by nerves and was also really nice kid free lunch date for a day off.

    I came out of the workshop feeling really positive and ready to tackling insomnia head on. I decided that I would go back to the sleepstation website that evening and follow through with the course they recommended. Then I read about sleep reduction and my first reaction was “how on earth will I cope with that!”, the idea behind it is to reset your body clock so that your body associates going to bed with being tired and therefore with sleeping again, this means in the first instance focusing on quality over quantity, it makes sense but the reality of staying up late and sticking to such a strict routine definitely panicked me.

    My thoughts on what this week would be like vs the reality has actually not been too bad at all. I am tired but I am feeling positive and, under my GPs advisement, am looking to reduce my medication throughout the process, so that my body hopefully will no longer rely on the pill to allow me to sleep.

    I have shared this personal story in the hope that this will help others suffering in a similar way. I never had any issues with sleep before I had children and we have been, by all accounts, very lucky with the boys ability to sleep but my own ability to sleep has definitely been massively affected and I therefore need to re-train myself into a natural sleep/wake pattern which makes me feel rested and able to cope with day to day life.

    This really has made me understand just how important sleep is. My path to getting this balance right is a process which I am working through but determined to conquer, I want you to know you’re not alone if you have insomnia too and there are treatments out there which can help you with removing your reliance on medication and it is worth the challenge of doing this. I will continue to update you on my progress with this week on week in the hope that it will work and it will help you too.

  4. I knew I needed a treat for getting through this difficult week and so I booked myself a haircut, for which I go to a wonderful lady called Sharon, who live and works in my village and runs her hair salon for a posh shed in her back garden, which is so well designed that honestly you just wouldn’t know. She always make me feel like a million dollars when I get my hair done, I trust and genuinely like her and value her opinion on life and books to read and whatever I am working through when I go and see her. Honestly I don’t think a lot of hairdressers get enough credit for how good therapists they are in addition to being complete artists too! 
Right onto food…



Started with hot lemon, honey and ginger after my morning yoga and then went on to Crunchy Nut Cornflakes with fresh strawberries and raspberries. I then had a cup of Earl Grey tea with milk and honey in my travel cup to take to work.



I had a pre-baked jacket potato and cheese and salad (mixed leaves, carrot, pepper and pumpkin and sunflower seeds with Pizza Express Caesar dressing). I then had some Pom-Bears, some clementines, an apples and a caramel bar to snack on. 


I tried another meat-free bolognese recipe, which was ok – but not great tbh, I am going to now stop trying recipes with substitute meat of any kind in, as they honestly don’t seem to work very well at all and you do always miss the meat, which is my personal indicator for whether a vegetarian recipe is successful or not, if you miss the meat then the meal is not really a success, if you don’t even think of it, then that is a success. So it’s another live and learn kind of meal this week. Remember this is just my perception and you may well like meat substitutes yourself, if so please be my guest – I’ve just concluded they’re not for me 🙂


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