Flitton Play Park, Flitton, Bedfordshire

This is a very nice village in Bedfordshire where some of our friends lived, there is a lovely pub, a very reasonable village hall to rent (we did for the boy 2nd birthday) and a lovely and well maintained park. 

Equipment : .Toddler swings x 2, normal swings x 2, Playframe, Roundabout, Big slide, Various Climbing Frames, Tyre walkway, see-saw, a Big field to run around in. 

Access: Behind the Flitton & Greenfield Village Hall 

Toilets (changing facilities) : n/a

Picnic Facilities: Picnic Bench Table, Bin and lots of lovely dappled shade spots to put out a rug

Parking: In the Village Hall Car Park

Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐





Please do check out my other Play Park Diary Posts at: Play Park Diaries. And please comment below with any local parks/soft-plays/value activities to do with kids locally, I’m always up for new ideas. 



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